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Picking the best backpack for travel is an essential part of anyone's journey. Having the right backpack certainly is a necessity when you are on the road traveling through a foreign land. Everybody has a style of their own of course, but the backpack you choose has got to have the following features or you will certainly regret it one day:

1. Size

The size of your backpack certainly is the most important thing for you to consider. Your bag should never be more than 22 inches long or 14 inches broad. It should more than 9 inches wide either. This is the maximum size of backpack that most airlines allow as carry on. If your bag is larger than this, you will be forced to check it in.

2. Front loading

There are many travelers who do not know the difference between a backpack which is designed for hiking and one which is designed for backpacking. A hiking backpack is usually top loading. Packs which are designed for travel are usually loaded from the front instead of the top.

You should always buy a backpack which can open from in front since this will allow you to access all your stuff easily. They can act like a suitcase if need be as well. You will not have to take out all your stuff just because you want to reach something that's at the base of the backpack. You will be able to organize your stuff better in these backpacks as well.

3. Security
Selecting a good backpack will also help ensure you protect yourself against thieving as well. Criminals usually like unwitting backpackers. This is because they think they are an easy mark. To keep your backpack safe, you should always keep it locked with a TSA approved padlock or combination lock.
  • Try to stay away from bags that come with drawstrings. They are easy for thieves to get their hands into. You will obviously not be able to make your bag 100% secure no matter what you do so ensure that you are always vigilant and know what's going on around you at all times. Someone who is daydreaming is the easiest prey.

4. Comfort
And lastly, you should ensure you are comfortable with the backpack. Your bag needs to be comfortable enough for you to wear continuously for over an hour without any trouble. Getting backpacks that have cushioning on the shoulders or on the back can make it very comfortable for you to use. The padding will also help pad the burden so that it doesn't hurt your back.

A backpack that is well built will be able to handle weight distribution quite well. Apart from shoulder straps, it should also have a waist belt and a sternum strap. Always tighten the waist belt so that the weight is distributed away from your shoulders and back to your hips.

So you see as far as choosing a backpack for travel is concerned, ensure you choose one that is the right size, front loading, secure and comfortable and you will be just fine.